Range Rules

Last Chance Handgunners Range Rules

By entering these premises you agree to abide by these rules:

  • Members (and their guests) only – be prepared to show your membership card if asked
  • Ensure gate is locked at all times (unless there is an ongoing board approved event)
  • No alcohol or drugs at any time
  • This is a COLD range, keep every weapon unloaded unless on the firing line
  • Ensure personnel, wildlife, and livestock are clear of downrange before firing
  • Building use is restricted to those requiring access for matches and any other board authorized event
  • Props are to be used for matches only
  • Clean up after yourself – do not leave used targets or trash on the range
  • Proper safety equipment use by shooters and spectators is required at all times
  • Plate racks are for pistol use only – rifle ammunition is not to be used on them
  • The usage of tracer or armor piercing ammunition are not allowed at any time
  • Board approved events and matches have priority – please check the calendar on the website to avoid conflict
  • All shooting in bays must be done from within the berms. No shooting from roadway.
  • Any violation of these rules is grounds for revocation of membership to the range.  Negligent destruction of LCHG property will be prosecuted.